Welcome to Just Technics Owned and operated by Jason Woodrow

Great value for money Technics turntable repair and modification service.

We recently sent one of our Technics 1210 mk2 off to Jason and we can tell you the guy is an absolute wizard when it comes to Technics.

Full service complete strip down, deep clean, quartz lock and center click removed from the pitch, complete vinyl wrap, blue led’s fitted with green under platter led’s, new phono cables fitted, new power supply cable with the correct size fuse fitted, and the finishing touch a colour changing led in the pop up light.

as you can see from the images below Jason knows what he is doing when it comes to Technics and offers a great price.

So if you want your decks serviced,wrapped.repaired or new led’s fitted or just totally pimped out then contact Just Technics via thier Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JustTechnics/
Trust Us us you wont regret it