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DJ Controllers vs Turntables vs CDJs
DJ Controllers vs Turntables vs. CDJs
Which is best for YOU?
The debate has been going on for quite some time. Which is the better option: DJ Controllers vs Turntables vs CDJs. The answer is not that simple. However, in this article we hope to be able to give you a hand in deciding which option is better for yourself personally.


This is where it all started! Using a DJ turntable is very satisfying with it’s truly tactile feel and can add a professional touch to your status as a DJ. However, turntables are not the easiest option. Unlike DJ controllers, using turntables takes skill. In order to succeed with vinyl records you need to really have a passion as matching beats is done by ear while you are manually controlling the pitch/tempo. Real turntables take time, practice and solid equipment. DJ controllers don’t take talent to use.

Remember your patience! With genuine DJ turntables you aren’t relying on a computer to do the work for you, like many new skool DJs have grown dependent on. However, if you can pull off a successful vinyl set you will see that it is well worth the effort put into it! When comparing DJ Controllers vs Turntables vs CDJs, a lot is dependent on your commitment to the craft.

CDJs are a great option for experienced DJs that want something a little easier to transport. Not only do they offer great sound quality, but they are also relatively cheap and compact. Another great thing is that you usually will not even have to bring your CDJ since most clubs are already equipped with CDJs. So when you are ready to head out for a show simply throw your CDs and headphones into your car and go! As the clubs will usually have more expensive models available you will be able to use high quality equipment with out having to drop the cash.

The negative side of this is that you will not be able to experiment with the equipment at home, so you better know what you are doing before you show up at the club. Of course when using CDs your mixing skills need to be pretty good since it is not as easy as using a controller.

DJ Controllers
Is this cheating? DJ controllers are surely the most common amongst modern DJs. Everyone is a DJ these days. DJ controllers are comparatively easier to use that turntables or CDJs. DJ controllers are functional and they do not have to come with an excessive price tag, contributing to their popularity. Remixing tracks — even at the last minute — is not only possible, but it is also pretty easy to do when using a controller. Controllers, paired with most software, will (most of the time) beat match for you! All you have to do is press play! Some call this talent. Some call it cheating. While others don’t really give a s***!

On the negative side if you have a malfunction while playing live, there is nothing you can do…especially if you don’t know how to mix on real equipment! The only way around this, is to have some sort of backup gear, which obviously is not very practical or cheap! Another small problem is with the sound quality. The sound quality obviously also suffers a bit. While MP3 technology has made great strides it still isn’t as good as CD quality can be, however, most will probably not notice the difference.

Granted there are some great controllers that have most (if not all) of the benefits of CDJs. Being from the 90’s I’m just a little biased towards vinyl.

DJ Controllers vs Turntables vs CDJs Conclusion

In the end the best option seems to be a personal decision when deciding on DJ Controllers vs Turntables vs CDJs. Each DJ is unique, with distinct abilities, capabilities, and personality. If you still need to find your niche we suggest that you experiment with all of the different options of DJ Controllers vs Turntables vs CDJs, becoming skilled in them all. Not only will you become a greater DJ, but you will be able to make your personal decision on this ever going debate.

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